I will link essays and editorials I’ve written or which have been featured elsewhere here. (There will be more eventually I promise.) Be forewarned that I do not adhere to the self-censorship of political correctness, so if you’re one of the third wave fainting helpless perpetually offended radfems and social justice bullies, or CHORFS, these writings are not for you.

If you like my work I function better with a supply of caffeine (tea, or coffee, or hot chocolate)

Rory’s Milo-Coffee and Kahlua Supply Fund
(note that it’s for her)

Sad Puppies – Where Larry Correia proves a point, and it grew from there. He has his own tag about Sad Puppies if you feel like diving into it. Some posts will be linked here and in the CHORF Rants and Reads section since there is some overlap.

I Am More Than That

The Women That Other Women Don’t See – a link to a different person’s wonderful essay

Nazi Is not A Term You Throw Around Lightly


The Atrocity Thresh-hold – the culture wars, and the push-back against tolerating what shouldn’t be tolerated. Here I talk about rights, freedoms, and fighting back as well as speaking up in defence of Western Culture. I am notably conservative. That’s all the warning you will get.

Because It Is Worth Relinking and Re-reading

Une nécessité pour un Charles Martel

They Tried this in 2006 Already

The Thieves of Joy

These Were Heroes

Good To Know That There Are Men Still Willing to do What Is Right

CHORF Rants and Reads -Essays where I talk against radical feminism, political correctness, Tumblr feminists, Social Justice Bullies, and similar stuff – and they will occasionally be expletive-ridden. #GamerGate related essays may be included here as well. Consider yourself warned and if you get all offended, I’ll remind you that you clicked.

The Thieves of Joy

Compare And Contrast a Woman VS Grrrl

So They’re Going After Linux Next?

She Says What I’m Too Sleep-Deprived To

I Am More Than That

Sometimes You Have to Call It What It Is.

What The I Don’t Even You Know What Fuck You


How I Stopped Being A Feminist – Forum Version featured at The Ralph Retort

Between This Essay And the Next


Stories From My Childhood

Our first real tree


Tech and Science Related Geekery

Augmented Reality







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