Writer, artist, mom, in no particular order. All the rest is icing and sprinkles on my metaphorical cake. I live in Australia with my husband Rhys; our children; The Housemate David/Aff/Seda/A.C. Extarian; and our pet Monk Parakeet Riley, after migrating here for good from the Philippines. This is my family, whom I love and cherish as the people most precious to me.

If someone asked me to describe my life, it seems to me that someone said, before I was born, “May you live in interesting times,” and meant it both as a blessing and a curse, because I definitely do that. Despite everything that has happened, in truth there is very little of it I would change.

I’ve always been reading. The story I’m told is, I started reading at 9 months of age and never stopped. I don’t remember ever learning to read, so maybe that’s true. My family always loved to read and a house without lots of bookshelves seems very incomplete to me. Rhys made an especial point of shipping my library over to Australia, since he too is a reader, which is one of the myriad things I love about him.

I was born in the Philippines, but my father became a diplomat in the mid-80s and as a result I grew up mostly in Europe. His first assignment was East Berlin, and after two years we were moved to West Germany, shortly before the Berlin Wall fell. We lived for a short time in the US with relatives as my father finished his tour and was recalled to the Philippines, before we followed him back to the Pearl of the Orient Seas. His next assignment some years after that was Paris, France, when I was a teenager. Perhaps because of this none of my siblings and I really felt at home in the Philippines, and have had a bit of an itch to travel ever since. When I first visited Rhys in Australia, it felt the way no other place did – like ‘home’ – which, until then, had been ‘books.’

I’m not very tall; only 4’7″ or 143cm. My hobbies include digital drawing, cooking, somewhat abortive attempts at gardening, collecting Anime figures and MMO gaming. I occasionally like to shoot with either a rifle or a handgun at the range, and maybe someday we’ll find a rifle stock that is short enough to let me shoot comfortably, but I don’t do it often enough to call it a hobby.

Writing – rather, storytelling – isn’t a hobby for me. It’s like reading, something I’ve always been doing and I don’t remember when I started. I’ve always had a knack for listening to people talk, and before I know it, I get their stories told to me. I’ve always held the philosophy that there are stories everywhere if you know where to look – big stories and small stories, grand epics and anecdotes alike. There are times for the Grand Quests, and times for quieter tales, a moment for the memorable adventure, and heart-rending tragedies. All these stories have their place and time to be told, enjoyed and shared.

All you need is a sharp ear and the ability to write the tale down as it comes to you.


I guess that’s it.


Oh yeah.

Buy books I’ve written at www.affsdiary.com

I also have an author page at Amazon.

My deviantart is cutelildrow.deviantart.com – That’s where I’ve got my art, mostly.

My LJ is at cutelildrow.livejournal.com – You probably won’t see much there since it’s locked.


I also go by the handles Shadowdancer, Shadow and Cutelildrow, so much so that people call me this as much as they call me Rory – often interchangeably.


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