F.M.L. is an infrequent,¬† often politically incorrect, badly-drawn sketch comic by me, based off of Aff / David / Seda’s online technical helpdesk job clients, helpdesk job clients, our gaming, and life hilarity in general. This page is the index for strips drawn; the original roughs are up on my Deviantart. There are no sacred cows for this comic; everyone can be a target, especially if they set themselves up to be! Expect swearing, lots of irritation, and horrible mental images.

If you feel sorry for David and think he shouldn’t be sober dealing with so much stupidity, you can help out!

Aff’s Bourbon Fund

(Tell him to buy a bourbon and cola!)

Donate to the bourbon supply

(If you want to donate to the artist, just say it’s for her, instead. She needs kahlua.)

#001 – No just No.

#002 Camshow Suck

#003 Hotel Helpdesk Hell

#004 It’s All In The Name






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