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Pages to other places I like or find useful. Sharing is love~! (and this is going to inevitably get long so I’ll figger out the in-page shortcut links at some point.)


Friend’s Blogs and Sites / other authors

According To Hoyt – The wonderful Sarah Hoyt’s blog!

Mad Genius Club – For Aspiring Writers and storywriting, run by a group of friendly Odds who also happen to be authors, like Dave Freer, Sarah Hoyt, Kate Paulk, Brad Torgersen and more!

Monster Hunter Nation – The blog of Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate and writer of awesome. Funnily enough, I got hooked on his L5R game-fiction (his writing up of their game sessions) before I ever found out about his being an author.

The Lawdog Files – an incredibly entertaining blogger, who was later persuaded to publish some of his more notable stories. Warning, do not read his posts and drink or eat at the same time.

Brad Torgersen’s site The website of a good man and a good author

Fantastic Worlds – Jordan S. Bassior’s blog on writing and stories

Head Noises – Foxfier’s blog about …pretty much anything.

Kai Wai Cheah / Benjamin Cheah’s blog – Singaporean author Benjamin Cheah’s blog; he also writes quite a bit about writing.


Techy Stuff

Have I Been Pwned – Check your email address to see if it’s been the victim of a data hack on an online account somewhere – like how that hook



Self Publishing and Writing


Mad Genius Club’s Navigating from Writing to Publication

Formatting, Revisited – at Mad Genius Club

Formatting for Print – Part 1 (revisited) and Part 2


Breaking into New Markets – Mad Genius Club


The Problems of Success – the stuff we tend not to think about, once we start making money… Like taxes. US-focused, for the most part.

The Right Slot – A brief discussion about what genre your book is supposed to be in, versus perception.

Questions for Readers – a post focused about covers.


A Few Thoughts about Platform – by Brad Torgersen

Dave Freer about working your fingers to the bone.

Why Do We Write and Who’s Our Audience – By Peter Grant. Dips a bit into the politics that surround the publishing industry these days.