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I write books – it’s always been my passion to write stories. Thanks to the advent of indie publishing and self-publishing, I can have my dream AND share my works!

I’m primarily a fantasy author, but I hope to expand my range as time goes on.

You can find the books I’ve published, both co-authored and otherwise, over at the Shop Page at the main site.

They are available both in dead-tree and pixels only versions!

Let me know what you think and feel free to speculate over at The Forums!


Other Stuff

Occasionally, I’ll make stuff like shirt designs, swag designs, and such. Don’t expect them to be politically correct.

The CafePress site is an ongoing work on progress, but don’t let that stop you from having a browse. There’s a few things up already.

If you have a suggestion for a slogan or logo ideas, or would like to see me design something for a particular product, pop on over to The Forums and let me know about it!


Posts About Books

Aff’s Diary

Aff’s Diary: Blessed Hope released! – the first book in the Aff’s Diary Series


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