Hearth Witchery is what my darling Rhys calls what I do in the kitchen and in the household. I enjoy cooking and my recipes may not necessarily be healthy, but they are delicious. I don’t aim for hauté cuisine or gorgeous looking plate arrangements, and instead look for meals that are easy, flavourful and make my family smile, sit back and sigh in contentment.

This will basically be an index of recipes I posted up on the blog, according to category and not in alphabetical order.


Homemade Wontons

Rory’s Burger – I make these in very large batches; 6kg of ground beef and 3kg of ground pork, but I’ve made a smaller base proportions version of the recipe here. This is also a meatball recipe, and the patties are used in recipes like my Gamer Wife Hamburgers in Gravy, or the base for easy weeknight dinners that are thrown together and then stuck in the oven.

Latkes – I love hash browns, so loving these was inevitable!


Candied Bacon and Brussels Sprouts   Less of a recipe and more a description of what I did. YUM.

Fruity Things

Salads – vegetable and savoury


Super Lazy Toshikoshi Kitsune Soba With Shrimp Har Gow  Mmm. Japanese fusion.

Nilagang Baka – Filipino style beef soup; how our family makes it

Chicken Sopas – This creamy, yet light soup was a big hit with my kids ^_^


Portabello Mushroom Cream Sauce – was very delicious on steak and mash =9

Mains – Meat

Modena Family Style Chicken and Pork Adobo Every Filipino family has a recipe of their own. Here’s ours. I also have an oven dried Adobo Flakes recipe, further down.

Pop Soda Sticky Chicken – This versatile recipe can call for Coke, Fanta, or Mountain Dew. You can also use it with pork instead of chicken.

Gamer Wife Chicken Bake – Easy to throw together, made with pantry ingredients and store bought roast chicken, and tasty!

Gamer Wife Beef With Capsicums and Carrots – Another easy, yet moresome meal for a gamer wife with a family!

Gamer Wife Hamburgers in Gravy – when you can’t get away from the grind, whether it’s work or play!

Pineapple Chicken – A quick midweek dinner that’s easy to throw together, plus a kid pleaser? Yes!

Berlin Memories Beef Goulash – A recreated dish from something I remembered eating as a kid. The closest I’ve seen in recipes is either paprikash, or Czech goulash, but none of them really match.

Leaderprice Viande et Pommes Recreation – Another recreated dish, this one from when we were teenagers in Paris, and an interestingly multicultural one.

Mains – Vegetables

Rice Dishes – Risottos, Fried Rice, and that Asian finger measuring method.

Arroz Caldo – Filipino chicken congee; this is my method.

Takeno Gohan with Tofu – Bamboo and Tofu Rice – a very easy, filling and delicious Japanese rice dish that I found myself making a lot over the last year.

Chocolate – because it deserves its’ own category

Chocolate de Tony Modena    – Pronounced ‘Cho-KO-laTEH’, this is another family recipe I’ve managed to recreate out of the memory of the taste. It’s thicker than Spanish-style churros dip chocolate, and much richer.

Easy Chocolate Cake – With Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting =9

Rory’s Rum Balls – Candies for grownups ^o^

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake – with chocolate ganache. My current favorite cake. Yuuuummm.


Meringues – I read that Meringues are classified as a cookie! Huh.

Chocolate Crinkles – Decadent and delicious, but not very hard to make.


Cakes and cupcakes

Blender Banana Bread with Butter-Sugar Crusting

Easy Chocolate Cake – With Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

Sour-Cream Apple n’ Oat muffins – They’re like breakfast, for folks who leave early for work, like my husband.

Hazelnut Coffee Cake with Coffee Buttercream – I made this cake, adapted from Taste.com.au magazine, for my birthday.

Filipino Style Mocha Chiffon Cake – For people who miss the Goldilocks style chiffon cake from back in the Philippines. Like me!

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake – Soft, moist, spongy; not so sweet with a great mouthfeel.

Breads – filled and otherwise

‘Elven’ Fried Bread, inspired by Dragonlance

Version 2 – for a larger batch.

Japanese Style Curry Bread – Pure addictive om nom nom delight.

Other Desserts

Super Easy Leche Flan – The easiest version I’ve ever seen.

Coffee Jelly – Served with a sweet cream, or turned into cathedral windows (they look more like broken beer bottles though…)

Pica-Pica (Snack foods)

Lumpia Shanghai – With step by step instructions on wrapping

Battered Eggs – Also known as tokneneng if using chicken eggs or, if using quail eggs, kwek-kwek.

Candied Teriyaki Tazukuri – Crispy Candied Dilis – A twist on the traditional Japanese osechi food ^_^

Drinks and beverages

Other Food

Adobo Flakes / Maho  – Oven dried shredded adobo, best sprinkled on top of rice, or rice congee.

Food Related Posts

Fat and Leftovers – a post about schmaltz.

Minecraft Birthday Cake – My first attempt working with store-bought fondant. ^^;

Other Food Blogs / Recipe Links

Baking with a Water Bath  Best used for cheesecakes and sponges. I use it in pretty much all my cake baking.


http://www.thepinoycookbook.com/ – Filipino recipes =9

http://panglasangpinoy.com – More Filipino recipes

http://www.justonecookbook.com/ – Japanese recipes

http://chinesedumplingrecipes.com/  – Dim Sum making at home =9

http://www.bavariankitchen.com/ – German Recipes

http://www.gewurzhaus.com.au/ – German Recipes

http://www.hefe-und-mehr.de/en/ – Lots of German recipes, mostly different breads, in English and German =9

http://mybestgermanrecipes.com/  – I miss German food…

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