Stories of the Strange

Strange experiences, encounters with the supernatural, and occasionally, religious things. I am relating them here because it turns out they are interesting modern folklore, and who knows, someone might find these anecdotes interesting. I try to relate these to the best of my memory, or to the best of the memory of the person who experienced it and told to me. I’ll have to beg some indulgence because sometimes I’m trying to translate a concept that is straightforward in Filipino or Taglish (Tagalog-English pidgin) but when I try to translate, becomes a rather convoluted thing.

Reasoned Belief – Start here.


Supernatural beings

Notes on Dwende – Filipino Fae. Also spelled Duende.


Aswang and Manananggal


White Lady – and subsets Black Lady; Gray Lady, Red Lady, etc.

Sirena – Mermaids; and they’re not restricted to the ocean. Might be viewed as a subset of Dwende.


Stories aka Kwento

The Noodle Incident – an actual incident that involves noodles; or pancit canton.

The Visiting Virgin Mary Statue – I swear that room was empty.

The White Lady of the Mango Tree – Some background on, and an encounter with a White Lady that lives in the tree at my parents’ house.

Welcome to the Philippines – Rhys’ first visit to the Philippines – and the Philippines apparently welcomed him!

Ghosts and Bathrooms – There are lots of ghost stories involving bathrooms and toilets. Here’s some of our own.


Related Thoughts or Essays; or stories of Filipino folklore

Why People Have Different Skin Colours – The Filipino creation myths have a rather interesting take on it.

Growing up Asian – and an odd little superstition about chamberpots and it’s relation to wealth.