New Game Console

So, my son Vincent decided that he was tired of playing the XBox One, XBox 360, the PS2 and the Nintendo 64 and the DreamCast,¬† … and he had a Christmas gift card he hadn’t used yet. He decided on a new game console, suitable for 2018 gaming.

That’s what he came home with.


He even sprung for the two controller set, so he can play with someone else!

(He’s holding the other one, I just put it there for the photo.) Oh man, I haven’t seen Missile Command since I was 3!!!!!!!!!

Awwww yeaaaaaah. ^o^ And yes, that’s the Xbox 360 off to the side, being ignored, in favour of tech that doesn’t annoy the everlivin’ fuckery out of you. Barely five minutes after they get home, they’re playing.

I guess he’s heard us tease his Dad a lot about how Dad’s console games have to … update the game… update the updater, update after the first two updates happen… and then update the frickin’ controller.

And then, to top it off, Vincent tells me there’s still money on the gift card and that could I go find something for his Dad’s birthday that would be nice.

I wonder if there’s a nice bottle of something I can find for Rhys. ^_^


I am hearing a lot of laughing and enjoyment from the living room. This is a good day.

Song added because I had to.


One thought on “New Game Console

  1. DGM

    That takes me back. Though as I recall those controllers could be murder on the hands and were a little too simple with only one button. IMO, controllers (along with most other aspects of console gaming) didn’t really hit the “good enough” stage until the SNES.

    Oh, and I’ll see your ping pong video and raise you this one:

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