Second Year

Today my baby Brandon would’ve been two years old. I think he would have been having a fun time today; though perhaps his birthday would’ve been much quieter than Vincent’s party a few days ago.

We gave him his presents – a toy tank and a toy helicopter, and his Grammy and Grampy sent a hand made card.

It’s the one with the little dinosaur on it. Brandon’s urn is the one with the birds. His brother Damien is in the smaller round urn next to it.

Rhys and I spent a little time reminiscing fondly about his birth, and a few delightful memories. I wonder about how he and Damien would’ve been like now, but that happens a lot. Perhaps his hair would have been gently curling, like his eldest brother’s was. We still can’t imagine him smiling, however, as he was a baby with a rather impressive scowl. I think Damien would have been the plague to him at the same time being a favourite playmate.

What could have been…

Riley seems to realise I’m quietly sad today, and chased after me today from his warm spot in the front room. He’s been sitting on my shoulder all this while, being affectionate and showering me with ‘kissies’ and grooming me.

That’s why I have loosened bits of hair pulled from my braid. He tries to help, even though I’m sure he has no idea what’s going on. He must have been cuddled up to me, quiet, for an hour or more before he allowed me to put him back on his play area for feeding. Before that he would shy away from my finger and refused to obey the ‘up get’ command.

Today, I hope that everyone who reads this remembers to appreciate their loved ones and friends. They are an irreplaceable treasure in your life! Don’t forget that. Today, I pray for the health of children everywhere, that they be strong, and well, and enjoy the love of their parents, who cherish them.


On a somewhat more random note, I did put Munechika-kun next to Miku-chan. Aren’t they a lovely little couple?




6 thoughts on “Second Year

    1. R.K. Modena Post author

      hugs back We are at “gentle wistful, melancholy.” Mostly the “I wonder how noisy the house would be? How would they sleep? How much would they be fighting? And playing? And how much cuddles and giggles?”

      I suspect that’s how it’ll always be.

  1. Foxfier


    We’re waiting to meet our latest, now– about a week to go.

    Wish we were close enough to “share” a bit, I know it helps…not heal, but salve? Deal? Argh.

    Words don’t work.


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