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There’s a snarky meme/ badge pin / livejournal icon I’ve seen before – and used, because I find it funny – that goes Support Your Local Medical Examiner: Die Strangely.

Well. I guess some people… took it to heart, maybe? o_O

But dangerous solo sex is becoming a global issue, with forensic examiners claiming one to two people per one million are killed annually in the act of searching for the ‘ultimate orgasm’, which in most fatal cases can mean oxygen deprivation.

It comes as the body of a man was reportedly found in Hamburg covered in sliced cheese with pantyhose pulled up over his upper body, while he was wearing a diving suit and a raincoat.

He had placed a plastic bag over his head and was sat in front of an active heater, according to local media.

Yanno, the whole idea of pursuing the ‘the little death’ is that you come out of it alive afterward… I mean, I’ve heard of the auto-erotic asphyxiation thing (Thanks so much, David Carradine, I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing about that) but the cheese, raincoat, diving hose and sitting in front of the heater is new. And how did this person find panty hose that fit over their upper body? Was it on top of the raincoat and diving hose?

I’ll leave aside that whole plastic bag over one’s head is a bad idea, because, as the Housemate told me when he linked it to me, “I’m pretty sure that guy was like “Time to fuck with the medical examiner.”

At any rate, that’s enough Internet for today.

3 thoughts on “Support Your Local Medical Examiner

  1. Orvan Taurus

    I have this suspicion that my eventual demise with either be the most mundane possible (age related wearing out of parts, whilst asleep) or so utterly bizarre that I cannot even begin to imagine it. If it’s not some strange accident, but the result of some sort of attack… I really do hope that my attacker’s last thoughts are “WHAT THE…..?!!!!”

    1. R.K. Modena Post author

      A phrase I’ve heard that’s supposed to be complimentary is “May your death be as interesting as your life!”

      Personally, I’d like to have a somewhat quieter life, and end my life the same way, after a ripe old age. However (humorously, not seriously) if I have to go violently, may it be in the same way I came to this world, ‘screaming, covered in someone else’s blood.’ I’ll skip the naked part, myself. Go down fighting, yes.

      Covered in cheese? Not so much.

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