Swiftness of the seasons

Lately I’ve been struck by how quickly time flies, mostly in relation to Rhys and I.

13 years together – it shocks me sometimes, when I look back. I have a photo of him and Vincent as a newborn, sleeping together. I see the photo and note how young and … light… Rhys looks in that photo. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. Tears of sorrow too, because I know why he aged, and it’s not just the passage of time. We’ve both aged, and the scars still bleed.

Still, somehow, we’ve survived and we’re somehow still going on.

So as part of getting myself back on the thing of drawing after a long hiatus due to health and RL concerns, I’ve been drawing. I’ve had some images stuck in my head inspired by various pieces of music. I’ve been drawing them as best as I can; the others are not finished yet, but this one I kind of didn’t want to continue touching up any more, because of the emotions it conveyed for me.

Thirteen years. Wow. It seems like such a long time but it sure flew by really fast. If I feel like this now, I wonder how it’ll be like when we’re both in our sixties, or older.


On an unrelated note: is there a way to record skype conversations? Mostly coz I want to record interviews with my Mom for a project.


That and sometimes, I listen to the Housemate ranting and I want to record what he says because oh my God he’s hilarious when he’s ranting. I just listened to him rant about how he has no game to play now since Nier:Automata …

“It’s like finding the perfect jacket, and not wearing it for a long time and slipping it back on and finding that it was just as comfortable and wonderful to wear. Ahhhh, my hate jacket. I love it.”

“The dialogue looks like it was written by a monkey.”

“This might not suck!”

“Oh look I ran out of games to hate for today, I hate you steam.”

“Oh it revives the old shooter games from the 90s. Wonderful. Just what I wanted to build a modern computer in 2017 for! The graphics look more like they come out of the eighties! What’s the point of that? Moving on…

“It costs more than a Taiwanese hooker!”

Dying of laughter is a risk at my household. It’s like having Yahtzee with me, 24-7, in rant mode.

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