Daily Archives: June 21, 2015

Sad news

I discovered today that a longtime online friend of mine passed away.

Obituary for Bruce E Durocher II on SF Site.

I first ‘met’ him on LJ as Bedii, and we got to talking about books; he was able to point me at a site that had some old East German books that my family had lost during a termite infestation at our house. We talked a lot about books at random, and he encouraged me to write.

We’d email each other little updates of life and health; and he’d often chide me about my tendency towards insomnia when working. I prayed for his health and would celebrate whenever he gave me positive updates. Our last emails were about his wife’s art, and I suggested a possibility if she’d be willing to do commissions for indie book covers. Bruce said he’d have a chat with her about it and thanked me for keeping them in my thoughts.

I’m going to miss him. Godspeed, Bruce. My prayers for you and your wife.