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Progress on the WIP’s updates




Brandon is doing well. He will start on bottled feeds of breast milk to help him learn how to nurse properly. For the time being they are leaving his tube in until he learns to keep nursing to keep milking up. He also is liking the taste of milk and is seeking the breast / mouth-feeding even when he is being tube-fed,  and was quite unhappy with not being able to taste and have the comfort of nursing. He actually managed to breastfeed twice today and did so for ten minutes and then maybe 15 minutes of actual latch-on and get milk in him.

And one day he'll be as big and strong as Daddy...!

And one day he’ll be as big and strong as Daddy…!

The neonatal physiotherapist  had a chat with me today about how to help with Brandon’s muscle health and exercises. I showed some photos including the newborn ones where Brandon was sucking on his fist and had arms folded and can move his head from side to side seeking the breast. Also showed that he looks intently at things. She said that it was very good and that he is surprisingly ahead of his gestational age /  expectations of development. Pretty much he is behaving like a normal full term baby.

I'm cute, I'm hungry, feed me?

I’m cute, I’m hungry, feed me?

The nurses tell me that Brandon is the easiest baby in the ward to take care of. He is very quiet and cries only if he is hungry, has soiled his diaper, is gassy or otherwise uncomfortable. Rhys reckons he’s content; I’d have to agree. I’m hoping this will continue to be the case when Brandon comes home!

Brandon's facial expressions have us doubt the 'content' description so often applied to him. (older photo)

Brandon’s facial expressions have us doubt the ‘content’ description so often applied to him. (older photo)

Spent time rocking him and cuddling him while singing to him softly. Brandon seems to like that a lot. He doesn’t mind that I don’t sing very well. I hum most of the time anyway. ^^;;;

Fluffy and warm

Fluffy and warm

The ward was very cold because of the rain outside so the babies got extra blankets. Brandon got an especially cute one!

Jedi Mind tricks: "You will feed me now~!" (older photo)

Jedi Mind tricks: “You will feed me now~!” (older photo)

On the healing front I got the dressing removed from over my stitches. The midwife says it looks very good and is healing beautifully. I still want to get some underwear in the next size up so it will not roll down like my normal undies. The belly has also shrunk a bit and my face looks a little less bloated. So it’s all good progress.