Figures worth collecting

One of the figure that I preordered over the past year arrived today at last. Orders for it began sometime last year and I saved up the funds to pay for it when it was finally released.

The figure in question is Card Captor Sakura Stars Bless You figure.

Card Captor Sakura - Stars Bless You complete figure

image from Hobby Search Japan

I’ve long been a fan of the Card Captor Sakura series of manga and anime; and this was something my daughter grew up on. I haven’t yet unboxed the figure in question – only looked at it to make sure that it wasn’t in any way damaged. Happily, this figure arrived in perfect condition, and was well worth saving for.

I’m a big fan of collecting figures and it’s not the first one I’ve gotten. My husband, Rhys, started me on the hobby by getting me this adorable Lineage II dwarf figure. She stands surrounded  by other Lineage II character figures (of which I only lack the Human Mage figure!) Some of the figures I get because I like how they look – most of these fall into that category. I don’t necessarily follow the series, and simply like how gorgeously rendered the figures are. Some figures I do get because I like the series (Blood – C’s Saya, for example, or Legend of Zelda figures like Link and Zelda, or the aforementioned Lineage II characters, or Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Marvel Bishojou.) Some of the figures I collect are thematic (Rhys and I have a collection we call “Armed and Dangerous – Women with Weapons”) and so we have a collection of figures that follow that theme. A good number of these figures surround my work space and serve as inspiration.

They do gather a lot of dust though and one of the things I’ll probably have to invest in will be an air compressor and some fine dusting brushes.

I do greatly limit myself on what I save up for and sometimes decide against buying a figure, even though I would consider it a work of art. A great example would be this beautiful sculpture from Iron KnightSun Shangxiang. The incredible attention to detail and realism would be worth saving up for!

Figure of Sun ShangXiang

image from Hobby Search Japan

Certainly, I’d normally want this in my collection – except for it’s release date, I might have considered slowly saving up for it. (Say, perhaps if it was to be released near end of next year.) It also is set to be released during what is a rather inconvenient time for me – there are lots of birthdays during the first third of the year in my family! So I try not to order anything for the first three months of the year, fully expecting that I will be buying presents for loved ones.

As it is, I finished paying the instalments only just this past May on my last biggest collectible purchase, which is a beautiful art print signed by both the artist and William Shatner. (Given that the place we live in is a rental though, and we are unsure where the sections where we can put in a sturdy nail are, we have not yet hung up those gorgeous pieces of artwork.)

Still, with the Christmas season coming up, as well as this being a big Birthdays month I’m focused on getting presents for my loved ones. I got really lucky at a sale with several promotional events though, so I was able to get birthday presents and some Christmas presents for my mother, my sister in law and my sis-in-law to be!

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