Godspeed, Dr. Pournelle

I learned today that Dr. Jerry Pournelle passed away shortly after returning home from DragonCon.

I’m… in shock. I was squeeing only yesterday about his being part of the concentrated awesome of DragonCon.¬†

His last post on Chaos Manor mentions that he wasn’t feeling well; but it seems that he had a lot of fun at DragonCon.

I’ve had the good fortune and honor to interact with him at Accordingtohoyt.com – Sarah Hoyt’s blog. He has always been upstanding, erudite and intelligent in his contributions to discussions there, and his presence will be missed.

Godspeed, Dr. Pournelle.

1 thought on “Godspeed, Dr. Pournelle

  1. Patrick Chester

    His and Niven’s novels were a big part of my entertainment budget when I as younger.

    I think I reread the Micheal launch and battle from Footfall MANY times.

    “Acceleration, stand by.”

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