Star Trek Bridge Crew and cheese eating Vulcans

I love how randomness can result in my finding out about something rather cool.
Such as Star Trek Bridge Crew.

I make no secret of the fact that I play Star Trek Online. I’ve got a toon I started I thiiiink around New Romulus arc, then I made a Delta Rising character, and an Agents of Yesterday toon. (When the next arc starts, I am likely to make another toon because of rumors that it’ll center around Section 31.) Anyway, the current event that’s ongoing is the Mirror Universe Invasion; and we finished it on most of our toons today. I regularly play with my friends, David and Gothpixie, and while we were playing, David mentioned in fleet chat that he had a weird STO related dream of seeing my (Vulcan) character Shadowdancer run through Pixie’s Romulan toon (Tomaka’s) ship… with a shopping cart full of eggs, while his character (Dave) tried to stop me. I laughed and told them that I’d also dreamed of our STO characters, where Dave, for reasons we couldn’t quite make out, wanted to order Domino’s Pizza from the ready room of his starship, the Panchira. He was busy counting out some large, battered looking old coins while Tomaka and Shadow watched with dubious expressions on their faces.

“This will work, I’m sure of it!” Dave said. He had an old Domino’s Pizza menu in front of him, and he was excitedly running his finger over the list of options and prices. “C’mon, where’s your sense of adventure? It’ll be my treat.”

Tomaka opened her mouth as if to suggest trying the replicator instead, then seemed to think the better of it.  She leaned over the table, to look at the menu. “The one with everything on it,” she finally said. “With extra jalapeno peppers.”

“I cannot conceive of how a pizza delivery vehicle will reach us in the…” Shadowdancer looked at the menu, “…’thirty minutes or the order is free’ as the flyer promises. We are outside the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, in the Delta Quadrant. However, in the unlikely event that this actually succeeds, I want a cheese pizza.”

“There ya go!” Dave laughed. “Wait, hang on, not a vegetarian? I thought you’d go for that…”

And I woke up, because I wondered, “Would Vulcans eat cheese?”

After recounting the story, I decided to throw the question out into team channel, since we were in a team mission, just to see what would result.

One of the other people in the team replied with

So I ended up reading that after logging out (Reddit is not one of my usual haunts), and followed the link about Jeri Ryan saying “Happy #SevenofNineDay”, and one of the comments linked the video.

Having watched it, I think it differs enough significantly from Star Trek Online to survive (potentially) as it’s own MMO. Hopefully this does not stop STO from potentially having VR support in the future (I’m optimistic; after all STO just went console!) Also, since it is set in the Kelvin Timeline instead of the Prime Universe (which STO is set in). One of the major differences is that instead of everyone being a captain of a ship (which is what you do in STO) the players take up the role of a member of a ship’s main bridge crew (hence, well, the name.)  This is very much a game for friends and roleplayers; and I’d be very interested to see how it goes.


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