Daily Archives: July 13, 2015

Well that was scary

My blood pressure had climbed to 175/115 earlier this evening so if it hadn’t gone down in an hour, we were going to see if I should go to the hospital. So I lay down and tried to ignore the pain in my head and joints from the high blood pressure.

Aff had checked my blood pressure to see it had gone down to 154/94 (still bad, but at least it was going down) and was putting away the electronic bp thing when he suddenly bolted out the door of my room, and out the front door of the house, yelling “OI!!!!”

I jumped out of bed and grabbed kitchen knives, in case there was someone else, and waited til Aff came back. He said he saw someone peeking in through my window, a young teenaged boy maybe 13 years old. Aff said he chased the boy down the road and lost the kid when the boy bolted around the corner.

What the hell was a boy doing out at 3 am, in 15 degree C or less weather? O_o

Now I’m REALLY hurting, and my dystolic bp has climbed up to 110 again.