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Or, PSA – my email address is being spoofed

Hi all

Please be advised: at this point in time my gmail is only a forwarding address and I do not reply using that, nor do I send any emails through this any longer. I use it as an initial contact point because it was my email address for years and years but it seems someone out there is spoofing it and sending malicious emails / spam / possibly infected emails.

I will tell people to contact me initially through that email address ([email protected].) but I will not reply using that same email.

If this seems abrupt and cranky it’s because I’ve been dealing with this all night long and haven’t slept yet.

I have asked friends to also pass this on, so if you got a link to here that’s why. Thank you for your patience.

-Shadowdancer / Rory / R.K. Modena


Completely unrelated to the above, I’ve updated both the PSA Sticky and the Spewdonym List.