Daily Archives: January 11, 2020

Hello World

We have another son, born this week! Meet Rowan! We have another big eyed cutie! Born at 36 weeks gestation, emergency c-section, weighed 2.22kg at birth.

He’s staying in the NICU because he started having some of the usual preemie setbacks (some jaundice, lethargy, low blood sugar) but he seems to be causing no worries to the NICU staff.

Older siblings are excited, and Jaenelle I am told seemed to just stare at the newbie with some puzzlement.

Lacatation biscuits work, by the way, and are very potent. Two cookies are overkill so I might try doing half a cookie.

My energy levels are still low as I want to only eat and sleep and my body has been giving me little choice about the latter… I start faceplanting about 15 minutes after a meal. so, recovery mode it is.

That’s all for now! ^,^