Fix it Mummy

So, the day started out well; the chibi-chan got to play with big brother before he went off to school and stayed awake most of the day with only brief 10-15 minute naps (or less) before she would start smiling and chattering again. Heck, she’s been in a fantastic mood since yesterday, where she charmed pretty much everyone we came across.

Her pediatrician was quite amazed at how far she’d come since her last visit. ^_^

So today, she was quite the playful thing and I managed to get a number of supercute mischief pics. Too cute not to share, hopefully cheering someone up in the process. I know all my ow and aches get replaced by d’aaaawww when she fires up the adorbs.

But eventually she became full of milk, and would drift off to brief naps (and wake 5-10-15 minutes later…) and it was unfortunately during one of these brief, milk-coma induced naps that she had a really loud sneeze… followed by soft, sad whimpering sounds. Jaenelle’d sneezed up her tube in her sleep; surprisingly without milk everywhere.

Fix it, Mum-mum ;_

I was able to reinsert her NG tube with minimal upset from her, and into her stomach, in one go. She settled down and went back to sleep.

And now she’s awake again, about 10 minutes later, and smiling at me.

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