Time flies!

I’m sure many parents can attest to being very sleep deprived when they have a new baby in the house, and the days can blur quite a bit when you’re living from alarm to alarm for a feeding schedule.

Nothing quite hammers it home though as “How old is she now?” That makes you stop, pause as you try to drag yourself out of the haze of Barely Awake and try to count the weeks…months … it’s 2019? When did that happen?

Then you step back, and take a look at your baby and realise she’s grown. Actually grown. And inwardly wail “No, I’m not ready yet, she can’t be past the new tiny baby stage when did she get all the cute baby chubby and start her non-verbal communication that I can actually understand?!” Yeah, and at the same time, you coo and cuddle and kiss those rosy cheeks and get a giggle! Baby laughing – ah, what a joyful sound.

The happiest sound ever that also turns a brain into a pile of postively-charged goo.

Vincent got her to laugh for the first time, which he is quite proud of. Under supervision he is learning how to take care of a baby (y’know, so he isn’t so helpless in the future, should he when he has children of his own) and this includes giving baby a bath in the sink. Jaenelle’s small enough still to fit in there for ease of bathing and he’ll become more confident about supporting her. Anyway he was talking to her, chatting as he shampooed her hair… and she went “Hee hee hee hee!”

CPAP helps me breathe!

Jaenelle’s discovered that she can stick out her tongue, and does so when she’s very happy. For the first few minutes of her wearing a CPAP we have to lay her on her side so if she gets too much secretions she can easily let it drool out, or if she has to, throw up. To keep her there we put a support behind her back, which we take out later before she dozes off. Soon she won’t need to be kept on her side for the first few minutes, and the support roll is gonna be outgrown anyway. Hopefully she will also outgrow her laryngomalacia and no longer need the CPAP. She indicates she wants to sleep by looking at it, then back at whoever is the adult closest to her, and back at the mask. She is not fond of it going on but once it’s on… happy bubbly bubby.


Lately after she’s laid on her change table Jaenelle will grab the edges of the towel and turn herself into a bubrito, happily squirming around in the towel and peeking out. Has the side benefit of drying herself, so I let her do it for a minute or so before I pop her clothes on.

No tube for a few hours!

Jaenelle needed to have her NG feeding tube taken out (she’d sneezed it out) and so I took the opportunity to dress her up and take a photo. That’s a little crown hairclip holding a soft headband in place, and she looks suitably regal and relaxed.

And now she’s done feeding, and I must sleep!

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