Uprooted and Rerooting

Vast disapproval

The post here is me complaining about my ongoing moving into a house and getting things ready again. Also, wrenched muscles. If you’d like to skip that, here’s a better post for you to read. Really, it’s worth it; if only to restore your faith in humanity even a little.

So it’s not even lunchtime and already I’ve managed to injure myself. Wrenched my shoulder lifting a pile of heavy artbooks. Ciel, Homura and Suigintou look like they’re all calling me an idiot for pushing it even after that, but I wanted to get something done, even if it’s not much, and yes, I am in a lot of pain even afterward. I can’t turn my head, and walking makes me feel like I’m a hundred and fifty years old.

Indeed, I think my whole body is on the verge of giving me an industrial sized delivery box of Nope because I’ve pretty much been on the go since December, and the rest I’d been getting was minimal or bad. It’s been piles of stress upon piles of stress, and I really think I should have a vacation from this. Except, in the usual form, I can’t, because that’s life and you can’t take a vacation from life (do medically induced comas count?)

I think part of my stress is because we’ve been unpacking for a month straight and we’re still not done. Despite the image above, I actually have yet to unpack most my figures because I haven’t quite gotten a place for them to be displayed on. And looking around my desk I just realized I don’t have a place for the printer/scanner thing.

I know it’ll all be done eventually and I’ll slowly go through the process of sorting out my library again, and my clothing. The kitchen is mostly sorted, though I don’t think I’ll ever have the comfort of having a fully stocked freezer again.

I’d love to be able to sit down and write/draw again but we’re changing the art computer again and my writing computer actually isn’t properly set up yet. They’re kind of low priority compared to the network, which is fully set up and secure. I could write on this but my biggest problem is the distraction of ‘you have this massive list of things to clean up and do,’ so I can’t get into the right headspace for it.

Gods know that I really, really want to. Sparrowind and the next book for that series is knocking in the mental bookshelf’s glass door, along with the related series to that world; along with a bunch of shorter stories, and the artwork that my mind is conceiving, along with that lovely children’s book illustration set and a few other projects, like bottle art, which is actually a priority set for me. But I work on getting closer to it a little at a time, like setting up my Cintiq’s shortcuts and such again, which is a brief opportunity to get off my feet.

Speaking of getting off my feet, I may need a new chair. Anyone who’s read my posts/my comments on Mad Genius Club / According To Hoyt / Monster Hunter Nation knows I’m not tall. (I’ve shrunk!!!!! I used to be 4’8″, and apparently am now 4’7″.) I’ve been considering getting myself a draftman’s chair because those things actually have somewhere for me to plant my feet, and my tendency to sit with my legs folded or crossed while sitting in a chair is starting to hurt after so very long. I’m also starting to worry about my risks for deep-vein thrombosis.

I’m looking at my desk and wondering how I can rearrange it again. There has got to be a better way for me to have my workspace set up. Hmm.

Back to shifting stuff around and unpacking! Pain lets you know that you’re alive!

shoulder twangs in vengeful response

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