Small scary deadly things live in Australia – like me!

So, over on The Pius Man, it’s my turn to get fictionally SWATted. I’m on the same page as Peter Grant AND Jim Butcher! W00t~!!!

Sad Puppies Bite Back is a running joke related to Sad Puppies and how the antis have been constantly making up shit to try get us down; so since SWATting is a technique used by the chronically incapable of the truth as well as generally cowardly, inevitably someone wondered “Gee, considering that Larry Correia worked with the police, what would happen if he got SWATted?” It spawned some rather hilarious (fan?) fiction from Declan Finn, author of The Pius Man series of thrillers… which also got it’s own fanfiction in turn. =D

I got so caught up reading this and laughing that I almost forgot I had meat and onions browning  on the stove. Almost. The goulash is safe and on the simmer stage, don’t worry.

Declan said that he couldn’t even make up how dangerous the Puppies are. =D

Pretend that Aff’s included in my section of the fiction; he’s the one who actually weaponizes computer hardware; the rest about Rhys is true though. =D

(There’s some hilarious bonus content in this instalment too. Go go read!)

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