Starting to read the packet

I’ve decided to go after the short stuff first. That means short stories, novellettes, and novellas, fan writers, related works.

I could probably do the artist ones easily. I’m familiar with Julie Dillon’s work; she’s a regular contributor to ImagineFX magazine.

What I’ll probably do is print out a copy of the ballot to use as a scratch paper/list and tick them off as I go.

I think it’s super awesome to get two full anthologies (Thanks, Baen, Castalia House for your generosity) and Kevin J. Anderson’s book and The Goblin Emperor. I’ll also get  a chance to read The Three Body Problem since I’ve been hearing a lot about that. I’ve got Skin Game, and Rat Queens, as we’ve bought those books previously.

I did get to read the Samurai short story and thought it a fantastic read!

More when I’ve gotten properly caffeinated.

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