I miss this oh so delicious food

Doesn't it look delicious? Picture from Yummy.ph online

Doesn’t it look delicious? Picture from Yummy.ph online


Crispy Pata is one of those recipes where you chuck your diet out the window and just enjoy, especially if you have freshly steamed fluffy white rice, seasoned vinegar-and-soy-sauce dip, and is, well, for me anyway, one of those meals that is best enjoyed nagkakamay – eaten with one’s (freshly washed and clean) hands. Might be a Pinoy thing, but some meals are somehow more pleasurable to eat that way. Anyway, Crispy Pata is deep fried whole pork hock, and there’s an awesome recipe over at the Yummy.ph website. You can also use the recipe and method to do crispy fried pork belly. Or deep fried pork ribs. I like eating these delightful meaty dishes with balsamic vinegar as a dip, with rice. Or if you want, use spicy, seasoned vinegar. Here’s a wonderful recipe for it, or if you want it really hot, here’s another.

Or have some spicy bbq pork ribs.

If it’s something that’s a source of homesickness for me, it’s Filipino food. Lately I’ve been missing the barbecues and street food like fishballs and battered quail eggs, with that sweet brown sauce. That’s the right recipe by the way, because the person writing it studied at UP Diliman and that’s where I used to get the best fishballs and eggs.

I miss those simple comforts, and nothing is more comforting to me than comfort foods.

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