Getting back in the chair

if it’s something that I’m noticing these days, is that time flies waaaay too damn fast.

I turned 35 recently (and yeah, I am not fussed about my age. Such a silly thing to worry about, in my opinion); Brandon’ll be 10 weeks old in 3 days, and he weighs just a touch over 8 pounds now. If he’d been born on his due date he’d be 3 weeks old.

Which means I’d still be struggling with the sleep and constant occupation of my arms.

He’s starting to be big enough to be carried around for short periods of time in the carrier that McKavian sent me as a baby pressie (Thanks, McKavian!) and he’s just at the right size to keep in my lap, nursing while I type.

I keep him on top of a breakfast pillow, the little baby pillow I made out of one of his dad’s old shirts giving him just enough elevation to stay comfy.

This is good. This means I can get back in the chair and get back to work.Goodness knows I’ve been wanting to.It’s not all smooth sailing yet; we’re hoping that Brandon’s sleeping schedule will smooth out so Rhys can move back into the bedroom (having to constantly climb over his legs to get to the bathroom was hard to do with a baby needing a nappy changed NOW) and hopefully Bran will condescend to sleeping in his cot and not just in the Baby Box he’s so fond of (which is why there’s no space for poor Rhys, but he’s a good Daddy and doesn’t mind sleeping on the couch that much) but Brandon’s starting to sleep through most of the night, which is awesome.But I can reach the keyboard and draw on the Cintiq with Brandon in my lap. And he continues the tradition of my working at the computer with a baby/toddler in my lap.Which is good because I have a crapload of work that needs to happen.

Aff’s Diary: Blessed Hope is going to be finished since I now know how to fully resolve the story in a way that doesn’t blow up the story’s antagonist entirely – I want that character to return later – and move it forward to the next book. Seda’s Diary book 2 is in planning stages while the second book in United Fleet is being written in first draft by David, and I’m looking forward to not being as horribly rushed for it the way I was with the first book.Sparrowind novel version, which will be the first part of a series, with the idea that it’ll be a light novel that keeps the ‘read-out-loud-ability’ of the novelette.

Sparrowind is being expanded from the original novelette because I got so much feedback from readers saying they wanted to see more of the characters and world. I have at least five or six books roughly thought of in the series. I’m planning it as a series that you can read to children, but even those in the YA bracket and grownups can enjoy, in keeping with the original way the book was told. It has a different focus character per book but Sparrowind is planned to show up in every one, connecting them.Set in the same world but not aimed at children is another series which I’ve also started writing. The working title of the first book, Fool’s Errand, is the first of what I was envisioning as at least 12 novels. It’s set some centuries after Sparrowind, and is considerably different in outlook. I also know how it will end.

There’s also a bunch of F.M.L. strips that are noted down, and I’m hoping to perhaps also include that on this site somehow, but if I can’t, there’s nothing wrong with having it on DeviantArt.

It’ll be April soon. Time sure flies.

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